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19 October 2009 @ 03:59 pm
01 - 17 Akanishi Jin (Bandage trailer)

Natsu~Collapse )
18 October 2009 @ 08:59 pm
Figured I should do one of these. :D
Absolutely need that one sexy picture of Jin on your desktop? Desperately want an icon of Tegoshi doing his signature pout? Then search no more!
..Okay, my attempt to make this catchy failed horribly. .__. Anyways. If you want a certain picture to be made into an icon, a wallpaper, a gif, a header, a banner or just anything that involves photoshop, reply here.

- Please post an actual picture, not just a description of the kind of picture you want e.a. Kame with glasses. My Google skills are superb, but I'm no Massuperman. Also, please keep in mind, the bigger the picture the better the graphic. ;D Also goes for the quality.
- If you request a wallpaper please include your desktop size.
- If you request a header it'd come in handy if you also post a link to the layout you want to use it for so I can make the header match the layout.
- If you request a banner, please tell me what size it should be.
- If you request a gif, please post a link to the video and what exactly I should make a gif of. Even better is the exact time, for example: 03:12 - 03:30.

If there are a lot of requests, I will close this at a later time but for now I plan to leave it open.
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04 October 2009 @ 04:23 pm
001 - 017 Arashi
018 - 057 f(x)
058 - 098 KAT-TUN
099 - 129 NEWS
Total: 129

2 Arashi
1 Arashi: group
1 Arashi: Masaki Aiba

2 KAT-TUN: Kamenashi Kazuya
Total: 5

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wallpapersCollapse )
19 September 2009 @ 07:48 pm
2 Stock
1 Arashi: Sho Sakurai
1 KAT-TUN: Akanishi Jin
1 KAT-TUN: Kamenashi Kazuya
1 NEWS: Yamashita Tomohisa

my first profile layouts xdCollapse )